The Sovereign Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem.

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This history does not question the legitimacy of the "Sovereign Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem" (known as the "OOSJ"), in terms of acting within the Hospitaller tradition. It accepts that the OOSJ is a charitable organisation, and has a very good and proven record of serving the poor. The OOSJ can be commended on its excellent record in its charitable work, and in this respect it is a very worthy organisation.

Neither is there is any suggestion that the organisation has ever acted outside of the law. By virtue of its membership, it is a Bona-Fide group. The OOSJ has gained the blessing of the Orthodox Church both in the USA and in Russia. In these respects the OOSJ is a very legitimate organisation. In addition it is to be stressed that this history is not an attack on the good work carried out by the OOSJ. It is a history that seeks to be factual.

"The Sovereign Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem, former Russian Grand Priory in St Petersburg" also known as the "OOSJ", and sometimes as the "Bobrinskoy Order", was founded in 1977.

The positive aspects of this group can be given as;

1. The OOSJ is a Christian "Ordo". Members are bound by a common vow, which gives witness both to the Christian Faith, and to the service of the poor, following the dominical summary of the Commandments. Furthermore the OOSJ has received the blessing and canonical recognition from the Russian Orthodox Churches in the USA, and the blessing of the Moscow Patriarch.

2. The OOSJ stands in the Hospitaller tradition as a charitable organisation and which has an excellent proven record of serving the sick and the poor.

3. The OOSJ has for its founding members, Russian Nobles who were related to members of the exilic Russian Grand Priory, organised in 1928-1975.

4. The OOSJ gives witness to, and was founded and styled after, the tradition of the Russian Grand Priory.

5. The OOSJ has for its Grand Prior, Count Nicholas Bobrinskoy, who is a direct descendant of Catherine the Great, as a third generation Great Grand Child, which makes him a second generation Great Grand Nephew to Paul I (the first Count Bobrinskoy being a half brother to Paul I).

6. The OOSJ has gained since its foundation in 1977, the patronage (or Protectorship) of Romanoff Princes all related to Paul I.

Thus for the above six reasons it can be argued that the OOSJ would qualify as a revived Ordo along the lines of the historic Russian Grand Priory, but cannot qualify as the legal successor.

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